Personal development coaching

Personal Coaching is anything in your personal life that you would like to change or develop. There are common reasons why people invest in coaching for themselves, but it is essentially specific to you and what you want.

People often comment that coaching helps them to have a different perspective and change their thoughts about themselves or their situation.

Sometimes we just need a sounding board or someone to ask the questions that help move our psychological blocks.

I won’t advise you what to do, but will, non-judgementally help you to explore and make the changes you choose.

Coaching involves some work; It isn’t a passive process, but one that empowers you. If you think you might be ready to make to make a change in your life, then I look forward to meeting you and getting started.


How to Proceed with Coaching

It is usually best to discuss with me what you would like to work on and we can discuss how coaching might help. Commonly people space their sessions about every 3 weeks. This gives them time to work on things between sessions and 6-8 sessions is a popular time scale. Sessions can however, be one off or over a longer period of time.