SleepWise, a 6 week CBTi Course to free you from insomnia

SleepWise Course

What is the problem with Insomnia?

My brain during the day: ‘’What am I supposed to be doing? Where did I leave…? Focus, focus, focus…Where was I now?’’

My brain during the night: ‘’ I wonder what the true nature of identity is? Why is the sky blue and not purple? I can’t remember, do I have amnesia or insomnia? What did he really mean by that comment yesterday?........’’

It’s always helpful to laugh at our issues, but if you can’t get to sleep, maintain sleep or wake up too soon and it affects your quality of life then you will know it can be serious.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is when we can't sleep when given the opportunity. It involves difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep or having poor quality sleep that leeds to daytime symptoms. It is usually classed as insomnia if this occurs at least 3 times a week for 3 months or more. It is worthwhile addressing insomnia if you feel it affects your quality of life in some way.

People with insomnia can look as fresh or tired as everyone else, hold down a job and relationships, but behind it all, they often feel exhausted by just trying to function normally. Insomnia affects both physical and mental health, social life and work performance.

Benefits to Addressing your Insomnia

Engrained habits take effort to change, but if you are ready to tackle your insomnia then you can experience huge benefits to your physical and mental health.

People who are free from insomnia often experience-

  • Looking forward to going to sleep rather than dreading the clock watching
  • Wake -up refreshed rather than falling asleep just before the alarm goes off
  • Improved mood and control of emotions
  • Improved performance at work
  • More energy (fatigue is common with insomnia)
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Fewer illnesses probably due to improved immune system
  • More socialising and enjoy activities again because not so tired

What is SleepWise?

The SleepWise 6 week Cognitive - Behavioural Insomnia (CBTi) Course. This means it address thinking and behaviour. In this case it changes your sleeping pattern/behaviour and your thinking that affects your sleeping. It involves ‘homework’ exercises to change your sleeping pattern. It is important to say that it does take some effort, as with any change of engrained habits, but the benefits can be substantial long term. You will be given clear guidance and support through out.

Why SleepWise for Insomnia?

I decided to provide this course because many people I work with individually experience insomnia. They often mentioned in passing that they have insomnia and seemed resigned to not sleeping well and feeling fatigued and down. Insomnia can create feelings of anxiety, can lead to low mood and feeling perpetually exhausted. Sometimes there is no longer any need to work on the issues they first presented with.

The Hospital of Integrated Medicine, where I trained, have been delivering their CBTi course for 10yrs with a 90% success rate. It is recognised as the main approach to curing insomnia and the default

How Is The Course Delivered?

At present, due to Covid-19 related restrictions, sessions will be via Zoom. The course is delivered in two ways depending on whether you want individual attention or would like to be a part of a group:-

One to one sessions of 1hr per week for 6 weeks with a qualified Insomnia Coach/Trainer plus follow-up session 2 months later. The Cost is £420.

Group Course (max 6 people) - Group sessions 1hr per week for 6 weeks plus follow-up session 2 months later. The Cost is £160. The next group will start October Monday 19th October at 6pm.

How To Book A Place

If you would like some additional information or to book the One to One sessions, please contact me at I am happy to have a phone or zoom conversation to answer your questions or tell you more about the course. If you would like to book a place on the Group Course then please clink to the BOOK button above or contact me at the above email address.

All The Very Best,

Olwen Kirkpatrick